Thursday, January 21, 2010

Useful and quick reading to guide your career

I’m not going to lie. I don’t read much. But after I won “Young Professional’s Guide to Success” by Ryan Kohnen from an online contest started by @rachelesterline I was excited to dive into this hardcover.

After I received the book in the mail Saturday and started reading it, I finished the 202 page book by Tuesday; it was a hard book to put down and here’s why:

#1: Short, sweet and to the point

Kohnen understands his audience, “Generation A.D.D.,” and sets his book up accordingly. With 16 short sections that offer career and development advice (all less than 20 pages), Kohnen introduces a topic such as “Establish Your Values,” relates it to an experience he’s had and then expands upon it with help from successful professionals.

#2: Different perspectives and variety in voice

At least half of the content is advice from CEOs and other business professionals to support Kohnen’s advice. Each section offers a new perspective from someone in a different industry, which not only makes the content relatable to a wide audience, but also helps to keep the tone fresh and interesting. The format also differs from section to section –lists, pull quotes and poems break up the text creating an easier reading environment.

#3: Useful and engaging content

Kohnen doesn’t hold back and addresses topics that are meaningful to young professionals. He isn’t afraid to discuss (and even admit that he fell victim to) the idea that many young professionals feel “entitled to have everything.” Other useful topics include: “Find Mentors and Create Fans,” “Lead From the Bottom” and “Attitude, Confidence and Passion.”

Overall “Young Professional’s Guide to Success” was easy and quick to read. I felt satisfied after reading it because of how encouraging it was to hear from so many different successful people. Senior executives, community leaders and CEOs all give their encouragement and bid of confidence to young professionals. Lastly, I enjoyed hearing the journey author Ryan Kohnen explains piece by piece throughout the book.

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