Saturday, May 2, 2009

Oh, oh it's magic - in the workplace

One of my first blog entries spoke about Burson-Marsteller being my dream internship, which is still true. I just thought it is necessary to document my appreciation for my current internship at the UW Oshkosh Integrated Marketing and Communications office.

As a student communications specialist, my main duties center around writing. I mainly write for the University news portal, UW Oshkosh Today but have also been able to write news releases, media alerts, along with marketing writing for the Admissions viewbook, and the alumni magazine, Engage. I have even got to do some photography, special event coverage, and magic tricks. Yes, magic tricks.

Growing up, magic was a serious hobby of mine. My father did some casual magic and still had some juice left in his trickery tank when I was old enough take interest. He passed on a few tricks and my obsession blossomed from there. My magical prime was in fifth or sixth grade where I spent every penny of every allowance I received on magic. From corny videos, to magic kits, to magic books - I had them all. Two suitcases full. While the obsession lost steam whne I hit middle/high school, my passion for magic has never diminished.

I don't remember how it came up in conversation, but somehow the subject of magic came up one day at my internship. I explained that I knew a good number of magic tricks, mainly card tricks; and the next thing I knew I was bringing a deck of cards to my internship every Friday. Our last day of the work week is enthusiastically referred to by the office as "Magic Friday". Everyone gathers around the middle of our office and I show one or two magic tricks with cards, numbers, and sometimes nickels and dimes. It's a great way to end the workweek and a great prelude to the weekend.

Magic Friday's represent more than an end of the week entertainment break or something to look forward to. Magic Friday's have rekindled my passion for magic and reassured me that the path I'm pursuing is right for me. It's not a coincidence that I found an internship that allows me to do magic tricks; it is a sign that I'm going in the right direction and evidence of how fotunate I have been.

Magic Friday's bring the office together, allowing me to connect with co-workers I might not have otherwise connected with through the 20 hours a week I'm in the office.

Beyond my passion for magic, the scope of work I've been given requires people to have trust in me. I feel like every assignment I get is meaningful and treat them accordingly. Thank you everyone at Integrated Marketing and Communications, especially Jaime Hunt, David Williams and Jeanette De Diemar, for trusting that I can get the job done and get it done well. Trust is the best compliment you can get as an intern, even more satisfying than stunning the Chancellor by magically changing nickels into dimes.