Monday, September 28, 2009

Exciting way to highlight your talent

Sorry about the long hiatus of posting, I got caught up in the end of summer/beginning of school whirlwind and left this blog empty for a while. My goal for this blog during my senior year at UW Oshkosh is to keep you updated on everything I do related to public relations.

I will try to offer short, but very useful tidbits of information to help you separate yourself from other PR students. I will detail every step along the way of my job search, student involvement, my current internship, etc.

Professional advice:

At the end of the summer I agreed to help with social media for a real PR plan for Weidert Group (a full-service marketing agency in Appleton, WI). After chatting with the PR manager (Thanks Abby Gutowski!) from Weidert at a meeting, she suggested, a FREE Web site creator that works well to showcase your talent, portfolio, résumé, etc.

I would also highly recommend this site to create an online presence for yourself. The interface is very user friendly with drag and drop customizable features (no html programming needed). So, if you are looking for a way to impress employers and organize your accomplishments, weebly is an excellent and FREE way to do so.

For an example, feel free to check out my weebly site (still a work in progress!) and e-mail me at with any questions OR suggestions you have. Thanks for reading.